The John Wicki
The John Wicki

"I'm just a simple man making his way through the galaxy."
—- Fett

Hello all! I was the lead manager of this wiki, but have since resigned. I am still available for questions, but I will in most cases direct you to someone in current authority.

I am also a lead Bureaucrat on the Hello Neighbor Wiki, and it's Discord. I mainly do UI editing and Discord management, but I can also do just plain grammar fixes and vandalism revisions.

I AM (A):

  • YouTuber (Dracolyte)
  • Instagrammer (draco.lyte)
  • Editor
  • UI Designer (in-training)
  • Discord User (Dracolyte#9297)
  • Guardian (Dracolyte)


  • Mr. Peterson (Hello Neighbor Wiki)
  • Noble Six (Halo Nation)
  • Boba Fett (Wookieepedia)
  • John Wick (The John Wicki)
  • Cayde-6 (Destiny Wiki)


Please contact me for help in the following areas, situations I have the most expertise in are listed in order from top to bottom:

  • Discord Server Questions (Setup, Security, Bots, etc.)
  • Wiki UI (Themes, logos, fonts, interfaces, etc.)
  • Community Management (Chat moderation, vandalism revisions, mod supervision, etc)
  • Wiki State & Logging (Wiki stats and logs)
  • Template Editing and Creation
  • Javascript
  • CSS

If I cannot help you, I will find someone who can. I am not currently accepting open DMs on Discord but you can reach me on the #help channel of the Hello Neighbor Wiki Discord server. Thank you, and have a good day 👍