The John Wicki
The John Wicki

"It's an honor to fight with you, Mr. Wick."
—Shinobi #2 to John Wick

The Shinobi (忍び) are a pair of ninja assassins employed by the High Table and the top students of Zero. They are supporting antagonists in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.



The Shinobi are two ninja assassins and students of Zero who are employed by the High Table. Like their mentor, they works as street-food sushi-chefs when they do not kill.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

After the Adjudicator has come to Zero's sushi restaurant to hire him and his students to kill John Wick and anyone who had helped him, the Shinobi and their boss are tasked with raiding Ruska Roma, who had aided Wick's departure from the country to Casablanca. They swiftly dispatching the Director's guards and interrupt the ballet rehearsal. The Adjudicator then arrives and demands for the Director to reaffirm her loyalty to the High Table, and that her penance must be paid in blood. She tells the Director to hold out her "helping hands" and Zero stabs her hands with his sword.

Shortly after, Zero, the Shinobi and his students attack The Soup Kitchen. They quickly overpower the defenders and eventually fight there way to the rooftop where the Bowery King waited for them. The Bowery King pledges his fealty to the High Table, but the Adjudicator tells him he had his chance to step down. The Adjudicator then tells him that for the seven bullets he gave to John to aid him in killing Santino D'Antonio, the Bowery King will receive seven cuts, which are carried out by Zero with his sword.

Later, after Winston refuses to step down as manager of the Continental and John agrees to defend him, Zero and the Shinobi are instructed by the Adjudicator to kill both of them and they will be sent with many mercenaries in the hotel. The Shinobi finally engage John in a fight in which they tell him they are fans of him. They even stopped from landing a fatal blow at one point and in another let him recover before resuming their duel. The fight ends with Wick crashing downstairs with the Shinobi, and the assassins are defeated. The assassins braced themselves, but John spared them out of gratitude, at which point, they accepted their defeat.


Like Zero, the Shinobi are very competent and skillful fighters and take enjoyment from fighting. They are also big fan of John Wick to the point that they let him recover between fights instead of hitting him when he's open. They are so surprisingly honorable and instead of finishing John when having a good chance they help him up even leave him to recover a bit in the fight, which was a reason why John ultimately spared them out of gratitude for their fair play. They hold an immense respect for John.


  • Peak Human Condition: The Shinobi are in fantastic physical condition from their years of service as assassins. They were able to sustain the injuries they received from their fight with John Wick, including being dropped through glass floors, demonstrating their endurance and stamina.
  • Master Martial Artist: As students of Zero, the Shinobi are masters of pencak silat and several disciplines of Ninjutsu, such as Taijutsu and Shinobi-iri. Together, they gave the legendary hitman John Wick an extensive fight, and easily defeated The Director's security guards as well as others in The Soup Kitchen. They are the second antagonists to fight against Wick on screen and survive (after Cassian), as Kirill, Viggo Tarasov, Violin Assassin, Ares, Ernest, and Zero failed to do so.
    • Knife Mastery: The Shinobi are excellent knife-fighters, particularly with karambit knives. The first Shinobi can also wield a wakizashi, like his master.