The John Wicki
The John Wicki

This page is an official page. Only Admins and Bureaucrats may edit.

The Staff are the people that run the John Wicki. There are currently 5 staff members. To apply for a staff position, see Admin Applications

Staff Ranks

Wiki Managers

Wiki Managers are part-time staff members assigned to specific wikis. They are here to support your wiki's community and help it grow and thrive, as well as serving as a liaison with a direct line of contact to full-time Fandom staff. Each team of Wiki Managers is managed by a Wiki Team Lead, a full-time Fandom staff member. Having this status causes the tag "WIKI MANAGER" to appear next to the user's username on their profile.


Bureaucrats have the ability to manipulate user rights, as well as block and unblock users, so this right is generally used in addition to the administrator group. They have the ability to promote and revoke rollback, Content Moderator, and administrator rights as well as appointing new bureaucrats. While they cannot directly remove another user's bureaucrat status, they can remove their own. Bureaucrats also have the ability to remove a user's bot status in case the bot is malfunctioning, but bot flag requests are handled by staff after being approved (by either a bureaucrat or the community). Having this status causes the tag "BUREAUCRAT" to appear next to the user's username on their profile. The bureaucrat status can only be removed by Fandom Staff or by the bureaucrat themselves.


Administrators (also known as "admins" or "sysops") are trusted users who are generally chosen by the community and also have access to the following rights:

  • All privileges from both the Content Moderator and Discussions Moderator groups.
  • Block users from editing and other actions.
  • Grant and revoke both the Chat Moderator and Discussions Moderator rights.
  • Edit the community's skin and format.
  • Edit white-listed MediaWiki pages.

Being an administrator makes the tag "ADMIN" appear next to a user's name on their profile.

Content Moderators 

Content Moderators are users who have additional tools available to moderate specific parts of the community. These tools are:

  • Editing and moving fully protected pages
  • Deleting and undeleting pages and files
  • Editing and moving protected files
  • Rollback
  • Re-upload files
  • Protecting and unprotecting pages
  • Patrolling pages if the community has the RecentChanges patrol feature enabled
  • Deleting article comments

Having this status causes the tag "CONTENT MODERATOR" to appear next to the user's username in their profile.


Anyone can revert vandalism and bad-faith edits, but it takes a couple of clicks in the page history to get it done. The "rollback" permission allows a user to undo bad edits with one click: by using the rollback link on diff pages, the user's contributions page, or the list of recent changes. Content moderators and admins have this permission by default. It can also be granted to other users by adding them to the rollback group. The tag next to the user's profile can't be seen unless the UserTags JS script is enabled on your wiki.