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Administrator applications for the following are stated:

Keep in mind any of the following can be selected by a bureaucrat even if they do not fit the criteria perfectly IF the bureaucrat decides that the user would be a good fit regardless. Also to note, just because you meet the requirements does not mean that you will definitely get the position. We may not be in need of anyone at the moment you apply, however when we do you will be called upon.

Format your application as such:

  • The rank you are applying for
  • How long you've been on the wiki
  • How many edits you have
  • What your skills are
  • Why you think you should get the rank



  • Has been an admin for at least a month
  • Has at least 700 edits. (Can be bypassed if another Bureaucrat trusts the user)
  • Has exceptional editing skills and perfect use and knowledge of templates
  • Has some coding knowledge
  • Trusted by another Bureaucrat


  • Has been a content moderator for at least 2 weeks
  • Has been on the wiki for at least 3 weeks
  • Has good grammar and spelling skills
  • Has at least 250 good edits
  • Trusted by a Bureaucrat

Content Moderator

  • Has been a rollback for at least a week
  • Has been on the wiki for at least 2 weeks
  • Has good grammar and spelling skills
  • Has at least 100 good edits


  • Has at least 30 good edits
  • Has good grammar and spelling
  • Has been on the wiki for at least 1 week

How to apply 

Go to one of the Bureaucrat's message walls and ask them for the role you want. They will then review your profile and grant or deny your request.

Things that disqualify you:

  • Horrible spelling and grammar (no use of the word "u", no misspelled words, no acronyms, etc.)
  • Vandalism (If you've vandalized at least once, that's enough for us to disqualify you)
  • Harassment (If you've harassed other users on this wiki in the past)
  • Unreliable (If we feel like you will accept the rank and then leave for long periods of time)

Things that can demote you if you already have a rank:

  • Any of the disqualification elements listed above
  • Abuse of power (Goes without saying, if you abuse your power in any way, and harass others, you will be demoted)
  • Extreme inactivity (If you have been inactive for at least 3 months, you will be demoted automatically)