The John Wicki
The John Wicki

"The path to paradise begins in hell."
—The Director

The Director is a crime lord who runs the Ruska Roma as well as John Wick's adopted mother.


The Director is in charge of Ruska Roma, a crime organization that has an understanding of the High Table. In Parabellum, she opts to protect John Wick from them, giving him safe passage to Casablanca and accepting his ticket despite his status as excommunicado. She later bans John from ever returning.

As a punishment for helping Wick, she was forced to show fealty by the Adjudicator with the support of Zero and his men by having her 'helping hands' get stabbed. This task was carried out by Zero with his sword.


  • She is heard referring to John as "Jardani" which turns out to be John's real name. She acts like John's 'mother figure' in the sense that she raised John in her organization since John is an orphan.
  • She is seen 'directing' ballet performed by female orphans under her care, to the point of them suffering severe injuries to their feet and toes. She justifies this with her view that 'art is pain, and life is suffering.
  • The male orphans under her care are seen practicing martial arts. They can be observed using a certain move to bring an opponent down to the ground. John Wick himself can be seen using this maneuver in fights on several occasions. She comments to John about it looking "familiar" to him.