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The John Wicki
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The Cleaners are a commonly used service for assassins to clean up crime scenes and dispose any corpses.


John Wick

After John Wick killed all of the henchmen sent by his former employer Viggo Tarasov, he requested a "Dinner Reservation" for thirteen. Soon after, the Cleaners arrived and disposed of the bodies in body bags and cleaned John's house, leaving no evidence of the scene.

The Cleaners later arrived to dispose of the body of Mrs. Perkins after she was killed by four assassins under the orders of Winston for violating the Continental's rule that prohibits "doing business" on its grounds.

The Service

Since getting rid of bodies safely can be a risky task, The Cleaners make themselves available to dispose of bodies and clean up the scene for just one gold coin per body. Using a Waste Disposal company as a front, the Cleaners are punctual, quick, and efficient, usually leaving little to no trace of bloodshed when they're finished. They are led by Charlie. The code phrase used to request their services is "Dinner Reservation" .


  • It can be assumed that John has used this service more times than shown on screen. This could be assumed based on a level of familiarity between him and Charlie.