The Tarasov Crime Mob is a Russian criminal organization headed by Viggo Tarasov and later by his brother, Abram. It serves as the main antagonistic faction in the 2014 film John Wick and the opening antagonistic faction in its 2017 sequel, John Wick: Chapter 2.


The Tarasov Crime Mob was founded by an unknown Russian criminal who was Viggo Tarasov's father. When he died, Viggo was given the lead role in the organization which led to him running illegal businesses in a church and murder, etc. Legendary hitman John Wick worked for them as the assassin after Viggo saw him killing 3 people in a bar with a pencil. However, when Wick asked to leave the Mob for his wife's illness, Viggo gave him an 'impossible task' to wipe out all gang members of an unidentified rival mob in a single day, as he expected Wick could not, in order to keep him in the mob. After completing the task, Viggo allowed John to leave the criminal underworld to be with Helen.

However, John is brought back in when Viggo's son, Iosef Tarasov, steals his car and kills his dog (who was the last present that Helen gave when she died). This prompts John to try and get revenge by killing Iosef. Upon realizing John's true motives, Viggo tries to pacify the situation by talking John out of killing Iosef, but later sent his goons, as well as several assassins he had hired, to kill John. However, John defeats everything Viggo sent at him and succeeds in killing Iosef.

Despite being content to let Viggo live, the crime boss kills John's old friend Marcus shortly after, rekindling the flames of their war. John later confronts Viggo and killed him.

Wick eventually tracks down a chop shop owned by Viggo's brother, Abram Tarasov, where his car was held. John attacks the facility and kills many of Abram's henchmen, though ultimately made peace with Abram and agrees to let him live.

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