The John Wicki
The John Wicki

"No wife. No home. No dog. You have nothing, John. Vengeance is all you have left."
—Santino D'Antonio

Santino D'Antonio was an Italian mafia boss associated with John Wick, with whom he owns a Marker. To repay the latter debt, John was bid to assassinate Gianna D'Antonio, Santino's sister. He succeeded, thus making Santino head of the Neapolitan crime organization known as the Camorra.

He serves as the main antagonist in the 2017 film John Wick: Chapter 2 and a posthumous antagonist in the 2019 film John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.



Santino D'Antonio is the son of the head of the D'Antonio crime family and the brother of Gianna D'Antonio. His father had a seat in the High Table, an elite organization of leading criminal families, but after his death, he bequeathed this seat to Gianna, much to Santino's disappointment. Since that day, Santino planned revenge and the death of his sister to obtain the seat in the High Table.

When legendary hitman John Wick sought to leave his life as a killer, he was told in return to complete one last job for his boss Viggo Tarasov. In order to accomplish the task, John visited Santino and asked for help - in return, he made a blood oath with Santino - the Marker. Although Santino was actually ready to accept John's retirement after that, he finds that he has taken himself back to the world of assassins and has now repaid his debt after he took revenge on Viggo and his son Iosef.

John Wick: Chapter 2

A few days after John came out of retirement to seek revenge on Viggo and Iosef Tarasov, Santino wants to collect Wick's debt and see him at home one evening. He is accompanied by some henchmen, who wait in front of the door while John offers Santino a coffee. After they both sit down, Santino makes it clear that he does not find any pleasure in going to see him, but John, who has already realized why Santino has come, asks him not to do so. Santino apologizes, but then pulls the marker out of his jacket pocket and reminds John what he owes him. Wick advises Santino to find someone else to do the job, but the crime boss insists that John redeem his debt and warns him of the consequences if he refuses. The protagonist refuses anyway, and Santino then leaves his house.

He retreats with his henchmen to the edge of the property, but then takes a grenade launcher out of the trunk of his car and uses it to shoot John's house. This is completely destroyed and burned down by the explosions, but John survives. He immediately sets off to the Continental Hotel in New York, where Winston, the director of the Continental, makes it clear to him that he was right in attacking John's house, since John refused his marker. He is advised to take Santino's mission to wash off his guilt, and John ultimately agrees. He therefore agrees to meet Santino in a museum.

When John arrives, Santino reveals to him that the works of art around her come from his father's private collection and are therefore of special value to him. He also reveals that he would have left John alone had he really stayed in retirement. Amused, he realizes that Wick is thinking about how he can kill Santino and asks him how he would do it. John replies hatefully that he would do Santino with his bare hands, and now wants to know what he is asking of him. Santino reveals to John that he should kill his sister Gianna so that he can get her seat in the High Table. Although John thinks this mission is impossible and has scruples about killing Gianna, he finally has to submit to the order and learns from Santino that his sister is currently in Rome and that he can use a secret path in the catacombs to reach her.

In fact, John succeeds in killing Gianna in Rome. However, Santino has sent his personal (and mute) right-hand woman Ares and other henchmen to get rid of John after completing his mission. After they fail in an attempt to kill John, Santino calls the assassin and cockily claims that it is nothing personal, but that he cannot go unpunished for his sister's death. However, John hangs up before Santino can continue. Concerned, the Italian realizes that John will probably take revenge, so he puts a $7 million($7,000,000) bounty on Wick. Shortly afterwards, he is visited in his apartment by Winston, who demands that Santino devalue the debt marker because John has completed his assignment. Santino replies that Wick is probably already dead, but Winston insists anyway.

While Santino devalues ​​the marker with his blood, Winston scornfully claims that he has no idea what he has done and that John Wick will now do everything possible to kill him. Santino protests and hisses that he was right, whereupon Winston replies that this does not change the fact that Wick will now come to get him. With a mocking farewell, Winston leaves Santino's apartment and takes the devalued debt marker with him. While John fends off most of the assassins (but is wounded while doing so), Santino holds a ceremony in his museum to celebrate the takeover of his sister's empire. He welcomes his guests - including the criminal Lords of the High Table - and toasts the future with them.

But then he suddenly realizes John Wick approaching him (having found Santino's location from the Bowery King, he was able to infiltrate the museum). In awe, the other guests step out of the way and after a brief moment in which the two just stare at each other, John pulls his gun and Santino jumps into cover. While his guards open fire on Wick and are gradually shot by him, Santino flees deeper into the museum and calls in additional guards. He calls two of these guards to accompany him to safety and sends the rest of them on to fight John. With his henchmen, he escapes to the "Reflections of the Soul" exhibit in the museum and goes there to the mirror cabinet. When John steps into the cabinet shortly afterwards, Santino shouts from disguise that he should have simply stayed away, since his debt had been paid off.

He now shouts that the Camorra will brutally torture John to death if he touches Santino, and theorizes that Wick is simply addicted to fight and revenge. When John suddenly opens fire, Santino jumps through one of the mirrors and flees into another part of the exhibition. Meanwhile, John is briefly distracted because Ares has appeared with other henchmen to free Santino. While Ares' henchmen are fighting Wick, Ares approaches Santino from behind, winks at him and leads him out of the room to get him to safety. The two disappear deeper into the exhibition, but John continues to follow them. Eventually, Ares and Santino reach the exit and Ares tells her boss to leave while she wants to stay behind to finish the matter.

While Ares is killed in a fight with John, Santino flees to the Continental Hotel, as this is the only place Wick cannot injure him. He storms into the restaurant, where he speaks to Winston, who realizes that he is looking for protection. Santino arrogantly demands that John's membership of the Continental be terminated, but Winston replies that John has not broken any rules so far and that no action from the Continental side will take action against him as long as this remains so. Since Santino is in danger as soon as he leaves the hotel, he decides to stay there. He has something to eat in the restaurant and is enjoying some wine there when John also arrives.

When John steps into the restaurant, Winston runs up to him soothingly to prevent John from breaking the rules of the Continental and thereby damning himself. Santino feels safe, enjoys his meal, and mockingly claims to Wick that the luxury at the Continental is so inviolable that he could live there for a long time without even eating the same dish twice. When Winston advises John to turn around and leave, Santino mockingly repeats this advice and is immediately shot by John, much to the shock and dismay of Winston and everyone present.

The next day, John meets Winston at the Bethesda Fountain. The Continental director informs the assassin that as a direct result of Santino's death, his bounty will, per the High Table, be doubled and offered globally. John is also declared "excommunicado" from the Continental as a consequence of killing Santino on organization grounds, losing access to the Continental's resources and privileges, almost certainly dooming him to a future of being actively hunted by assassins. However, Winston gives John and his dog a 1-hour head start to run, even giving John a marker for future use.

John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum

After his death, Santino's body was to be cremated within the furnace located underground of the Continental Hotel. Before this can happen, however, The Adjudicator visits the Continental and examines his body, while discussing Winston's involvement with John and how he too must be punished for the incident.



  • Skilled Marksman: Santino had some skill with firearms. He used a grenade launcher to destroy the Wick residence, and he armed himself with a pistol in the Reflections of the Soul exhibit.



  • The surname "Santino" literally translates as "Little Saint."
  • Even if John never violated the rules of the Continental, in not killing Santino, the result would be the same, as Santino would just pour money into making John's bounty larger and larger. As a result, John decided instead to kill him and break the rules, as at least then he would get his revenge.
  • It is indicated that both Winston and Charon despise him, due to his action in hiring people to kill his sister, as Winston coldly refuses his pledge to revoke Wick's membership and Charon simply ignores Wick when he knew fully well that he came to kill Santino.
  • Judging his impulsive nature of forcing John to kill his sister and hire assassins to kill him, it is possible that Santino's father chose his sister over him as he was unfit to lead the crime family.
  • In 2020 130g of Cocaine was attempted to be smuggled into Italy addressed to Santino D'Antonio.
  • Santino's last meal was duck fat.