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The John Wicki

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New York City, also abbreviated as NY is a large, metropolitan city located on the southern tip of New York State in the northeastern United States. It is the most populous city in the country and is the primary setting for a majority of the John Wick franchise, appearing so far in all three films.

It is the former residence of series protagonist John Wick (until the destruction of his home in Chapter 2) as well as playing host to a large, highly coordinated and organized criminal underworld, who govern themselves with their own laws, rules and codes of honor. This system is overseen by a ruling council known as the High Table, a board of overseers comprised of the heads of every major criminal syndicate across the world and headed by a mysterious man referred to only as The Elder. To this end, the High Table effectively controls a large portion of New York in secret.


Events of John Wick

New York is first seen as the primary (and only) overarching location in the 2014 film John Wick. It is John's place of residence and one of the main locations for the operations of the large, organized criminal society of the John Wick Universe. When the film begins, Tarasov crime boss Viggo Tarasov is in control of a large portion of New York, overseeing the day-to-day operations of his criminal empire there. Less than a week after John's wife Helen passes away, Viggo's son Iosef foolishly steals his car and murders his newly adopted puppy Daisy, who had been a parting gift to the grieving Wick from his late wife so he would not be alone. John then sets out on a quest for vengeance, wanting to kill Iosef for taking his wife's final gift away from him. Throughout the film, we are introduced to the criminal society of John's world, most of all the Continental Hotel, a neutral territory for assassins and other criminals seeking to take a break or find refuge in a safe location, as anyone who "conducts business" on Continental grounds is strictly forbidden under penalty of death, save for rare exceptions. After Viggo is killed by John, his death and the collapse of his criminal empire creates a power vacuum in New York, with other crime lords attempting to seize control of the city's criminal underworld for themselves, such as high ranking Camorra member Santino D’Antonio, brother of Gianna D'Antonio, the true head of the organization.

Events of John Wick: Chapter 2

Four days after killing Viggo and Iosef Tarasov, John retrieves his Ford 1969 Mustang from Abram Tarasov, Viggo's brother. Shortly after, he receives a visit from Santino D'Antonio, a member of the Camorra who requests John fulfill the favor he owes him on a blood marker. When John refuses, Santino blows up his house and forces John to complete his end of the bargain. In this film, we are introduced to more of the shady underworld of New York, such as the Bowery King and his network of spies, Accounts Payable and the way the contract system works and the fact that New York is host to a lot of assassins besides John Wick, who are revealed after a substantial bounty is placed on his head. John is eventually declared "excommunicado" after assassinating Santino D'Antonio on Continental grounds, forfeiting any protection he may have against the assassins chasing him. However, Winston, the manager of the hotel, gives John one hour of immunity to get a good head start before he has to begin fighting for his life again.

Events of John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

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