The John Wicki
The John Wicki

The Harbor is an area controlled by Hex and run by The Harbor Master. It is the third level in John Wick Hex.

Par scores

Icon Category Score Name Description
Game Time Taken icon.png
Game Time Taken
Bandages Used icon.png
Bandages Used
Shot Accuracy icon.png
Shot Accuracy
Weapon Types Used icon.png
Weapon Types Used
All Pars icon.png
All Pars at Once


  • Freight - Get to the docks the same way everything does. Trains offload here, and so will you.
  • Shipping - A front for the harbor's exclusive services, more of Hex's product lines the walls.
  • Parallels - A shortcut to the docks. You can expect greater resistance as you near the Harbor Master.
  • Docks - The Harbor Master's personal guards are ready for the coming war. You arrived early.
  • Deck - Find a way down below. The barricades are already in place.
  • Ballast - The Harbor Master had failed to restore balance, but will fight on regardless.