The John Wicki
The John Wicki

Elysium is a club in New York City that is owned by Edgar Wu and run by Osborn. It is the second level in John Wick Hex.

Par scores

Icon Category Score Name Description
Game Time Taken icon.png
Game Time Taken
Bandages Used icon.png
Bandages Used
Shot Accuracy icon.png
Shot Accuracy
Weapon Types Used icon.png
Weapon Types Used
All Pars icon.png
All Pars at Once


  • Side - No need to disrupt the customers. This entry point takes you through Elysium's offices.
  • Above - The music below will keep your work discrete. Your opponent will be less considerate.
  • VIP - Osborn's enforcers are celebrating. They will likely not be welcoming of gatecrashers.
  • Osborn - Osborn has retired for the evening. He is more dangerous than those who guard him.
  • Dance - The customers have fled. I would suggest you do the same.
  • Storage - Fight your way to the back door. The path to Hex leads elsewhere.



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