The John Wicki
The John Wicki

Chinatown is the territory of Edgar Wu in John Wick Hex and serves as the game's first level.

Par scores

Icon Category Score Name Description
Game Time Taken icon.png
Game Time Taken 3m 25s
Bandages Used icon.png
Bandages Used 0
Shot Accuracy icon.png
Shot Accuracy 90% Alyosha Popovich Deadly accurate aim. Wick shot true, wasting little ammunition as he passed.
Weapon Types Used icon.png
Weapon Types Used 2 Zmei Gorynych The many headed dragon. Wick is a master of all firearms
All Pars icon.png
All Pars at Once


  • Beginning - Find Winston and Charon.
  • Alleyway - The clearest route to Edgar is along this alleyway.
  • Teahouse - Edgar's employees are aware of your approach, and are readying an ambush.
  • Approach - A direct assault is likely expedient. What is lacks in subtlety, it makes up in speed.
  • Entrance - Edgar is upstairs.
  • Boss - Clear the room.


  • Edgar


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