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The Reaper, also known as John Wick, is a legendary-rarity cosmetic outfit for Fortnite: Battle Royale. It used to be able to be unlocked along with the Tier 100 Challenges in the Season 3 Battle Pass at Tier 100.


  • This skin is commonly referred to the “Wick”, or “John Wick” skin, due to resembling the main character of the “John Wick” movies.
  • This outfit is unobtainable as of the end of the season 3 battle pass.
  • The Reaper, as well as the entire Hired Gun set, is based on the John Wick movie franchise. The Reaper closely resembles the eponymous assassin-for-hire in his trademark custom suit.
  • The promotional artwork for The Reaper mimics a famous movie poster from the 1983 gangster film Scarface.
  • John Wick is the second guest character to appear in Fortnite, the first being Thanos from the Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup.
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