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The John Wicki
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The Camorra is an Italian criminal organization and secret society. It serves as a part of the High Table.


After their father died, his seat at the High Table was inherited by his daughter Gianna D'Antonio, leaving his son Santino D'Antonio to be jealous of this and eventually plot to kill his sister and take her place in the High Table.

Years afterwards, Santino aided John in completing his "impossible task" during his final days working for the Tarasov Mob. With Santino's aid, John was able to eliminate all rivals of Russian crime boss, Viggo Tarasov, allowing John to leave a life of killing and settle down with his wife Helen Wick until her death five years later. However, this would eventually come back to haunt John after he initially refused to kill Gianna under Santino's orders as he had sworn a blood oath with Santino previously.

After John killed Viggo and his son Iosef Tarasov to avenge the killing of his dog Daisy, Santino came to John and asked him to fulfill the blood oath by assassinating Gianna, so he could take her place. However, John refused, resulting in Santino and his associates burning his house down. Angered but having no other choice, John agreed to fulfill the blood oath and kill Gianna, so he could eventually get revenge on Santino. After traveling to Rome, he assassinated Gianna and killed much of her bodyguards except for Cassian. Santino planned to kill John to "avenge" his sister's death. He sent his personal bodyguard Ares and many of his men to do the job. However, John killed most of them, exempt for Ares and a few others.

Since that failed, Santino put a $7 million bounty on John's head. Although he was able to eliminate many of the contract killers hunting him, he spared Cassian. John finally planned to enact his revenge on Santino during his coronation into the High Table and killed the rest of his henchmen, including Ares, before going to the New York Continental and killing Santino. Though his revenge was succeeded, it proved to be a fatal move as it resulted in John being declared "excommunicado" for violating the Continental's most important rules, although its owner Winston decided to give John a one-hour head start before his status activated, most likely out of respect for John. Another consequence that resulted from this was the contract on John's head going global and being doubled from the High Table.