Aurelio is a mechanic who runs an illegal chop shop for stolen cars. He is a service provider for The Continental. He is also a friend of the hitman John Wick.


Aurelio has known John for a long time and instantly recognized his car when Iosef brought it to him to have documents forged. Angered upon learning Iosef had killed Wick's dog as well as stealing his car, he punched Iosef in the face, before demanding he leaves. John later paid him a visit, where he immediately told Wick who was responsible. He later received a call from Vigo who asked him why he had struck his son, Aurelio told him what Iosef had done to John.

A few days after the deaths of Iosef and Viggo, Aurelio located John's car for him with a few phone calls. After retrieving it, John called Aurelio was upset at the mess John had made of his car but promised to be able to repair it.

After the bounty on John was made international, Aurelio was one of those who received it.


Aurelio is a very skilled mechanic after Wick retrieved his car, he called Aurelio to have it fixed. Aurelio commented on the poor condition of the car, though he assured John he could fix it, though it would take him time.



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