Can a man like you know peace?
Abram Tarasov to John Wick

Abram Tarasov is the brother of Viggo Tarasov and the uncle of Iosef Tarasov who runs a chop shop. After the vengeful hitman John Wick killed Viggo, Abram has taker over the Tarasov Mob and was spared by Wick, possibly due to him having no involvement in the theft of John's car and death of his dog. He is the opening antagonist of John Wick: Chapter 2.


Abram at some point came into possession of John Wick's car after it was stolen by his nephew, Iosef Tarasov. After his brother and nephew's demise, he took over the Tarasov crime family.

John later tracks down his facility and goes to get his car back. When John arrives, Abram sent his henchmen to fight the assassin. While this is going on, Abram talks with one of his assistants about John.

Abram later finds himself face-to-face with John Wick. John ultimately decides to let Abram live and the mob boss lets John take his car back.


Wisdom: Abram has the good sense to accept John's deal with peace, something that a lot of other characters in this franchise (including his brother and nephew) would have been too proud to do.


  • Abram has a tattoo of a hammer and sickle on his neck, possibly hinting at a connection to the old Soviet Union.
  • He is a passionate cigar smoker.
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